About Us

Starting off the journey in 2017, chashmah.com introduces itself as an ideology working towards providing the mankind with clear vision through state-of-the-art eyewear. To make a change and establish ourselves as the brand of the people, we are a bunch of people divided by backgrounds but united by a vision of delivering happiness through high-quality eyewear, peerless to any other brand in the industry. We are looking forward to coming up with a full strategized approach for reaching the throne. Through our e-commerce website, people at anytime and anyplace can make a purchase from an array of stylish and high-quality eyewear in just a few seconds of time. The product will be delivered at the ease of doorstep. Also, our services will be available to the people through our offline stores backed by equipment to carry out an eye check-up. Headquartered in Delhi, chashmah.com is looking forward to make a presence all across the nation. So, this would be a move to make a change at a large scale. After some years from now, we see ourselves as a name that has made a place in the hearts of the people through unmatched quality eyewear providing clear vision to everyone.

OUR VISION  With a large number of people facing eye disorders in India, chashmah.com exists with a clear focus on providing a better vision to millions with high-quality eye-wear at very affordable prices along with giving free eye checkups and reaching a large part of the people in need. To be precise with our objective, we see chashmah.com as the brand of the people. Our endeavor is to enhance your vision clarity and make it easy for you to see the vivid shades of the world. YOU WILL LOVE TO WEAR !!!

HOW WE WORK? Together as a family, we labor and strive continuously to foster VALUE in our customers by eliminating the MIDDLEMEN. Our products come straight from the manufacturer and are supplied directly to the consumers all over India. This not only proves to be economical for you but also helps us in maintaining high-quality standards. It’s a brain-storming process where we don’t just execute but innovate and pioneer a new route by being highly tech savvy at all levels to bring top quality browsing, shopping and serving high-quality product access to the customers. chashmah.com offers products inspired from Germany and Spain with an Italian design, they go through a rigorous 3-time Top Quality Check Control in terms of scratch-free accuracy and spotlessness with 100% originality. With an assurance of impeccable product quality and a promising service and delivery of our brand new products with the correct bill at your doorstep, we fit in to compete in terms of standard of design and manufacturing with the rest of the world.

Professional Ophthalmologist

Have you ever suffered from the uncomfort caused by your glasses and still cannot get adapted to it after long time of use, even though the glasses is made in accordance with your prescription? I guess the answer is yes. Why does this happen? That's because the glasses you ordered are not quite a match for what your prescription calls for. Any ophthalmologist or optical shop will not take this into consideration, which will ultimately cause a serious damage to your vision.

But at chashmah.com, before processing your order, it will first enter into our step 1 procedure: The elaborative examination by our professional Ophthalmologist. They will oversee your prescription and the glasses you ordered for a matching audit, to ensure your prescription is completely accurate without any unreasonable parameters, to make sure that the glasses you are ordering are in full compliance with your prescription. If your prescription is abnormal or the glasses you purchased are not suitable for your prescription, we will contact you at the first time with professional suggestion for your vision needs. This considerate, sophisticated, one-to-one service is exclusive at chashmah.com only.

Premium Products

chashmah.com is dealing with superior eyeglasses and sunglasses online, which are FDA and CE approved. We are very detail oriented and rigorous about the product quality. Each pair of the chashmah.com acetate frames are made with Italian Mazzucchelli acetate, OBE screws, Nickle free hinge and Nickle free temple rods. To ensure the best quality of glasses delivered to you, our excelsior experts oversee every step of the manufacturing process thoroughly. Moreover, all of chashmah.com lenses come standard with anti-scratch coating, anti-reflective coating, super hydrophobic coating, blue light protection coating and full UV protection, for free.

Exceptional Service & Shopping Experience

Our customer service is available for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just tell us your questions, we are ready to help you at any time. At chashmah.com, ordering is not a hassle but a pleasure. The ordering process is quite simple and user friendly, just choose the frame you like, fill in your prescription, select the lens you fond of and check out. Then take a rest, your glasses will get to you within few days.